Sketch of my baby niece ASHLEY...way bk in 1989

'My Tree'

this found in my sketch book,
its My Tree that stands outside my front
room window...drawn in 1989 ish


Found my sketch book in the loft - looking through it, its
marks quite emotional time in my past. Hence the sad self-portrait.
Must have been heart broken..lol..what a fool...
pencil on sketch paper.


well im bk..aint done anything arty stuff in ages..
lol..you can tell!
Went to see this group LACUNA COIL..lead singer showed here..the
beautiful ..CRISTINA SCABBIA...
bit weak but i gotta restart some where...lol
Sorry ive not posted anything for a while..got things on my mind!

Armed with new books on VAN GOGH and other weird n wnderful painters,as well as new canvases and equipment, all from SANTA, ill soon get back to it...